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June 25, 2017

Pakistan Affairs Important Questions for CSS, PMS & Competitive Exams

Important questions of Pakistan Affairs for PMS, CSS and other competitive exams
Pakistan Affairs, Pakistan Studies or any other name of this subject, the candidates of different exams always keep on searching the important questions of this subject for proper study of competitive exams. For the ease of candidates and analyzing the past trend of competitive exams we have prepared a list of important questions for candidates of competitive exams. Following is the list of highly expected questions of competitive exams.
Q#1. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s role in the Muslim political awakening must be preferred with the statement that he refused was neither a politician nor a political leader. He was essentially a social reformer and his panacea for all the ills of his community was education. Discuss. (Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Aligarh)
Q#2. Minto Morley Reforms (1909) are said to reflect the first Muslim League achievements. Elucidate.
Q#3. Discuss the importance of separate electorates in the history of Muslim political struggle in the subcontinent.
Q#4.Analyse political developments between Iqbal’s Allahbad address 1930 and Lahore Resolution 1940.
Q#5. Define Muslim Nationalism and trace its ideological development from Simla Deputation to Lahore Resolution.
Q#6.To very nature of the round table conference condemned them to failure. Discuss with special reference to the command issue.
Q#7.What is Islamic interpretation of Nation and Nationality and how much Pakistan concept of ideology receives strength from it?
Q#8.Evaluate the policies of Cripps Mission? To what extent were these policies favorable for the Muslims?
Q#9.The Fourteen Points of Quaid e Azam was befitting response to Nehru Report. Give your analysis.
Q#10.The Lucknow Pact provided a commitment to Hindu-Muslim unity but it soon failed. Discuss.
Q#11. How far it is correct to say that Quaid e Azam consolidated the nascent state of Pakistan? Comment.
Q#12.Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman’s six points became the Magna Cartafor the Awami League . Discuss and evaluate its background and analysis.
Q#13.Compare and contrast the resistance movements of East Pakistan with the present movement of Balochistan. Suggest remedies.
Q#14.Right from the beginning Pakistan-Afghanistan relations could not be established on friendly terms. What has effected the relations of the two brotherly neighboring countries? Make a critical analysis by keeping in view of the involvement of India in Afghanistan.
Q#15. give a detail critical analysis of the constitutional development in Pakistan.


  1. Ali balouch says:

    I want to pass css and i need informations that how many most important subjets are there in css?

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    Excellent effort to give basic concept of competition to newly competitor

  3. how to get answers of these questions?
    are these questions enough?
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