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June 24, 2017

NA 195 Rahim Yar Khan IV National Assembly Sear Electoral Area Map

NA 195 Rahim Yar Khan-IV / NA-195 Pakistan
NA 195 is a constituency for the seat of Pakistan’s National Assembly from Rahim Yar Khan District. District Rahim Yar Khan plays a crucial role in provincial and federal politics because it elects 6 members of Pakistan’s National Assembly and 13 members of Punjab Provincial Assembly. It is an important Southern Punjab District and situated at the border of Sindh and Punjab Provinces. NA-192 to NA-197, are the six constituencies of Rahim Yar Khan for National Assembly of Pakistan.
Major towns of this constituency are Ahmad Pur Lamma and some areas of Sadiqabad Tehsil.

NA 195 Rahim Yar Khan 4

NA 195 Rahim Yar Khan IV

NA 195 Rahim Yar Khan-IV Important Localities & Areas

  • Abadpur
  • Pallu Shah
  • Jamoluddin Wali
  • Muhammad Pur

NA 195 Rahim Yar Khan-III Town Committees/ Municipal Committees/ Qanungo Halqas/ Tehsils/ Patwar Circles

  • Ahmad Pur Lamma Town Committee

Following Qanungo Halqas of Rahimyarkhan Tehsil;

  • Rajan Pur
  • Taj Garh
  • Palu Shah excluding Rang Pur Patwar Circle
  • Trinda Sawai Khan excluding some Patwar Circles

Following Qanungo Halqas of Sadiqabad Tehsil;

  • Muhammad Pur
  • Shahbazpur

Following Patwar Circles of Ahmad Pur Lamma Qanungo Halqa of Sadiqabad Tehsil;

  • Fateh Katta
  • Ahmad Pur lamma
  • Ali Mardan
  • Muhammad Nawaz Wasa

Population Statistics of NA-195 Rahim Yar Khan-IV

  • Population-516871
  • Male -142386
  • Female-120541
  • Total-262927

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