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February 23, 2017

NA 190 Bahawalnagar III National Assembly Seat Area Map & Information

NA 190 Bahawalnagar-III / NA-190 Pakistan
NA 190 is a constituency for the seat of Pakistan’s National Assembly from Bahawalnagar. Bahawalnagar is one of the largest Districts of Southern Punjab and it elects 4 member of Pakistan’s National Assembly from its constituencies. Old name of Bahawalnagar was Rojhan Waali and it is situated near Indian border. NA-188 to NA-191, are the four seats of Bahawalnagar in National Assembly of Pakistan. NA 190 is also known as NA-190 Bahawalnagar-III and it is third of total four seats of Bahawalnagar.
This constituency mainly consists of Chistian Tehsil of Bahawalnagar District.

NA 190 Bahawalnagar 3

NA 190 Bahawalnagar III Map

NA 190 Bahawalnagar-III Important Localities & Areas

  • Chistian
  • Bakhshan Khan
  • Daharanwala

NA 190 Bahawalnagar-III Town Committees/ Municipal Committees/ Qanungo Halqas/ Tehsils/ Patwar Circles

  • Chishtian Tehsil excluding some Qanungo Halqas
  • Rehmanwala QH except some Patwar Cicrles

Following PCs of Faqirwali QH of Haroonabad Tehsil;

  • Chak No.111 6R
  • Chak No.104 6R

Following Qanungo Halqas of Harrobabad Tehsil;

  • Qaziwala
  • Jourkanwala excluding 69/R Patwar Circle
  • Yateemwali excluding the some Patwar Circles

Population Statistics of NA 190 Bahawalnagar-III

  • Population-516137
  • Male -148704
  • Female-132550
  • Total-281254

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