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June 25, 2017

Katasraj Temple in Chakwal Pakistan | Travel Guide of Katas Raj

Katasraj Temple
Katasraj Temple or Katas Raj Mandir is one of the oldest Hindu temples, situated in Katas Village near Choa Saidanshah, Chakwal, Pakistan. This ancient temple is dedicated to Shiva and believed to be existed since Mahabharata Days. Its ancient building and small pond (which is considered holy by Hindus) attracts many tourists. Pakistan’s Government is considering its nomination for World Heritage Site.
Although scientifically it is proved that this temple is almost 1000 years old yet legends say that this temple date back to Mahabharata era (which is thousands of year old). Many ancient ear artifacts like axes and granite knives unearthed from Katasraj site. The temple is situated is Salt Range which is famous for archaeological treasures still hidden underground.
Katasraj Temple in Pictures

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