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July 22, 2017

Important Questions of Mass Communication/Journalism for CSS & PMS

Important questions of Mass Communication/Journalism for PMS, CSS and other competitive Exams.
Mass communication or journalism is a favorite subject of the candidates of Competitive Exams and the most opted subject in PMS, CSS and other Competitive exams. Some students have degree in this subject where as others opts it because of their interest in it. However in a short period of time, we have given a list of important questions for the candidates of PMS, CSS and other Competitive exams.
Q#1. Medium is the message. Elaborate with examples.
Q#2. Pakistan is a country where society is fertile for journalism but dangers are also high. Explain how?
Q#3. Discuss the concept and process of communication? What is the importance of mass communication in this modern age?
Q#4. The two step flow model of communication divides media audience into active and passive media audience; there is absolutely no reason why there should be three, four or five step flow of communication? Please comment.
Q#5. How advertisement took the final shape and what are the determinants of its effectiveness. Elaborate with examples.
Q#6. Honesty is the best policy but advertisement is necessary. Comment
Q#7. Public Relations is the modern form of advertisement. Would it replace the functions of advertisement? Compare both and explain with examples which one is powerful and better tool?
Q#8. Transparency is necessary in policy making for good governance, and for transparency access to information should be constitutional right. Discuss.
Q#9. Elections alone are not enough to create democratic culture. Comment.
Q#10. Describe briefly the role of the gatekeepers in mass media for fulfilling its social responsibility.
Q#11. What are the effects of satellite communication on the cultural norms of underdeveloped societies?
Q#12. Mass media has to perform the functions of watchdog and mirror of the society in a democratic society. Discuss.
Q#13. What is the difference between a Press Release and Press Note? Also describe qualities of a good press release.
Q#14. Good and honest reporting is a need of a day. Comment.
Q#15.Write a note on the following.

  •     Editorial
  •     Feature writing.
  •     Problems faced by media.

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