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July 23, 2017

Hindu Marriage Act 2016 – PDF Download

Hindu Marriage Act 2016

Hindu Marriage Act 2016 is recently passed by the National Assembly and it extends to Islamabad, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. It is not applicable in province of Sindh as mentioned in the section one of the act.

This act is exclusively for the citizens of Pakistan who professed Hindu religion. Under this act it is compulsory to register a marriage for Hindu Citizen by a marriage registrar specifically appointed by the Government for this purpose.

It provides certain conditions for valid legal marriage. First of all at the time of marriage parties are of sound mind capable of giving valid consent. Parties must be of 18 years old. Parties to the marriage are not within the degree of prohibited relationship and neither party has spouse living at the time of marriage.

This is detailed act which also explains what type of marriage is voidable under this act. It also provides details about the separation and termination of Hindu Marriage. In Hindu religion, bigamy is not allowed hence according to the section 20 of Hindu Marriage Act 2016 such person shall be punished according to sections 494 and 495 of Pakistan Penal Code.

Hindu Marriage Act 2016 empowers the existing Family Courts in country to deal with the matters according to this act. Overall this is good piece of legislation which will help the Hindu Citizens of country in their matrimonial affairs.

Hindu Marriage Act 2016 PDF Download

Here in the following link you can download the free PDF copy of Hindu Marriage Act 2016.

Hindu Marriage Act 2016


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