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July 22, 2017

General Knowledge Objectives Pakistan History | MCQs Set 2

It is very difficult and time taking process to study and cram general knowledge material of different subjects. Moreover it is also difficult to find appropriate and important questions and mcq’s of general knowledge about Pakistan Affairs. Candidates and students of various disciplines buy many books which are available in market but of no avail. They never get the time to choose the important among them. However for the ease of candidates and in order to save their time we are going to start a new series of general knowledge important MCQS about Pak study.
We are putting our efforts to give the best to the students and to help them in every field. In addition, all important objectives of Pakistan history will be given in series form and these objectives will be helpful in all competitive exams, be they federal or provincial. Interestingly students of any level can take advantage from our series of Pak. Affairs objective. We have tried our best to compose the important objectives of Pakistan Affairs in a comprehensive way so that the students can get maximum advantage from this.
Pakistan Study Important MCQS Set 2

  • • Battle of Plassey was fought in 1757 b/w Clive and Siraj-ud-Daula which established British rule in Bengal.
  • • Sindh was annexed by Birtish in 1847 and was separated from Bombay in 1935 vide India Act 1935.
  • • First war of freedom was fought in 1757 b/w Siraju Doullah and Robert Clive.
  • • Sh. Ahmed Sirhandi is known as Majaddid Alf Sani.
  • • Sheikh Ahmad Sirhandi was born in 1564.
  • • Mausm Khan, soldier of Titu Mir was sentenced to death.
  • • Hajatullah al-Balaghah written by Shah Waliullah.
  • • Shah waliullah born in 1703. Shah Waliullah died in 1762.
  • • Shah Alam II was an ally of Mir Qasim in the Battle of Buxar.
  • • During Jehangir’s reign Sir Thomas Roe and Captain Hawkins visited Moghul court to secure commercial privileges.
  • • Real name of Shah Waliullah was Qutbuddin Ahmed and his historical name was Azimuddin.
  • • Haji Shareetullah of Bengal was the founder of Farazi Tehrik in 1802. Farazi Tehrik meant to pay more attention on fundamental of Islam.
  • • Syed Ahmed of Rai Brelli (Oudh) was the founder of Jehad Tehrik against Sikhs. He was martyred at Balakot (NWF) in 1831.
  • • Battle of Buxar was fought in 1764.
  • • Haji Shariat Ullah was born in 1781
  • • The main aim of Brahma Samaj was Reform in Hinduism.
  • • Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded Brahma Samaj.
  • • Anti- Muslim Arya Samaj (1877) was founded by Dayanand Sirasoti. Arya Samaj was founded in 1875 (chk)
  • • In 1805, British made Sri Lanka a colony.
  • • British annexed NWFP in 1849.
  • • Wardha scheme written by Zakir Hussain.
  • • Sati was abolished by Lord William Bantink.
  • • First census in India made during the period of Lord Mayo.
  • • Moen-jo-DAro & Herapa discovered in 1922.
  • • Sir John Marshal ordered digging of Moen jo Daro in 1922.
  • • East India Company was formed in 1600 in London.
  • • In India French East India company was established in 1664.
  • • Raishmi Romal campaign started by Ubaidullah Sindhi before war of Independence.
  • • War of Independence started on 7th May, 1857 from Delhi.
  • • Lord Canning was the Governor General of India during Sepoy Mutiny.
  • • In India the first gate of enterance of Europeans was Bengal.
  • • At Meerath firstly the war of independence was fought.
  • • War of independence started on 9th May, 1857.
  • • The first Viceroy of the subcontinent was Lord Canning.
  • • Queen’s Proclamation was made in 1858.
  • • Indian National Congress made by Allan O. Hume in 1885.
  • • First president of Congress was W.C. Benerjee.
  • • 72 members attended the first meeting of Congress at Bombay out of them only 2 were Muslims.


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