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December 4, 2016

ESTA CODE | Civil Establishment Code Free PDF Download

Civil Establishment Code/ ESTA Code

Civil Servants Act 1973 regulates the appointment of persons to and the terms and conditions of service of persons in the service of Pakistan.

ESTA Code is for federal civil servants and it is also known as Civil Establishment Code. There are certain provisions in the Constitution of Pakistan regarding this matter. Article 240 of Constitution of Pakistan is about appointments to and the conditions of service of persons in Pakistan.

You can download the ESTA code form the link given below;



  1. Comprehensive information

  2. Mohsin Abbas says:

    Dear Sir,
    The issue is quantification of the ACR. I fully understood the quantification formula provided in ESTACODE. The problem is if in any autonomous body the formula is adopted with the following aditional requirements ie.
    Qulifaction 15%
    Tech Publications 5%
    Experiance 20%
    ACRs 60%
    Then how to calculate overall score. Is it necessary to multiply quantified score with 60%, The marks of Qualification with 15%, The marks of experiance with 20% or simply add Q&X 35 marks in 60% quantified marks of ACRs.MMU
    Mohsin Abbas

    • Moon Chaudhary says:

      can any one tell me about the lien in job.I joined 1 year before as Planning Officer in Civil secreteriat lahore on regular seat.Can i apply somewhere on deputation/ lien basis?

      • @Moon Ch.
        Lien means to join another Govt. job but keep an option to come back to previous seat but for that purpose your previous post must be confirm post

      • As per Punjab civil Servant Rules 1974, a officer/official can avail lien upto the period of 03 years or his/her confirmation date in next department/organization whichever is earlier.

  3. AbdulmRashid says:

    Please intimate about parents funeral charges for payment to govenment employee

  4. achi hai

  5. Anjum pervez says:

    Granting annual increment on retiring after June of retiring year

  6. please tell me about seniority list rules and if tow or three parsons have same arrival date in the job then which one the second priority to become senior

  7. Ubaid ur Rehman says:

    How many years PER of

    an employee in grade1 will be consiered while up grading him in next pay scale

  8. I am Govt. servant and LLB I want to start own Law firm. Which deals with FBR e-return file. Can I start and practice.

  9. Mohammad Shoaib says:

    If a person did not assume the charge of upgraded post during the service. Can he enjoy the benifit of the upgraded post after his retirement.

  10. WHAT IS THE LAW FOR DPC (Departmental Promotion) and seniority in case some candidates join the ministry/wing/division from Surplus Pool and some direct inducted to new ministry/wing/division upon transfer through proper channel for a clear cut vacant post.

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