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June 25, 2017

English to Urdu Translation Tips for CSS, PMS & Exmas

Translation from English to Urdu for all competitive exams
Translation is an important tool to understand foreign language. To explain one language into another language is known as translation. Most of the students, while translating spoil the structure of the sentence. In the following lines tips and techniques are given for a healthy translation.

  • You need to have complete grip on tenses.
  • Just translate “vo saib khata ha”in English.
  • He eats apple.
  • In Urdu sentence “Vo” is subject, “saib” is object and “khata” is a verb.
  • Now consider English sentence. “He” is a subject, “eats” is a verb and “apple” is an object.
  • You can better guess how the sequence of the sentence changes while translating.
  • You must keep in view the tense of the given paragraph for translation.
  • Do not go for wordy translation but translate the paragraph in an idiomatic form.
  • Beware; don’t dissolve the actual meaning of the given paragraph.
  • You are not supposed to reproduce anything expect you have given a task of translating a paragraph only.
  • Do consider the direct indirect speech.

 Following is an example of a translation from English to Urdu.
Usually the people think that the law of the country and individual liberty are opposed to each other. Apparently this does not seem to be wrong. Every law imposes some restrictions on the people. If there are more laws in the country, the total restrictions will be more in number. The liberty of an individual is crushed under their burden. On the contrary, if there are few laws, the range of the liberty of the citizens will be wider

Translation into Urdu.
Aam logon ka khayal ha k mulk ka qanoon aur fard ki azadi aik dosray ki zid hotay hain. Bazahir ye baat ghalat maloom nahi hoti. Her qanoon shehriyon per koe na koe pabandi ayid kerta ha. Agr mulk ma qawaneen ki tadaad zaada ho tou majmooe pabandian b zayada hoti hain. Zayada pabandiyon say furd ki azaadi in k bojh talay dub k rehti ha. Is k ber aks qawaneen ki tadaad kum ho tou shehriyon ki azaadi ka dairaa waseeh hota ha..
Try yourself.
If we were asked to name the most primitive of all human beings, the people who were least like civilized men and most like animals, we should automatically say ‘the cave men.’ The cave men: they are popular subject for cartoonists-low browed and brutish, roughly bearded, , carrying an almost barefooted and bareheaded, wearing only the skin of an animal, carrying an almost shapeless club, and usually dragging a skin clad woman by the hair, they have become part of our popular mythology.



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