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July 23, 2017

Pakistan Penal Code Amendment 2017 – Criminal Law Amendment

Pakistan Penal Code Amendment 2017

False litigation or registering false FIR against innocent person is common and most prevalent problem in Pakistan. It is very usual and normal thing to ledge a false FIR against opponents for political or other motives. It is also very common to nominate the all family members of a person in false FIR so that whole family faces the difficulties. The only remedy such aggrieved person have is to start proceedings u/s 182 after cancellation of false FIR or acquittal.

In Pakistan Penal Code section 182 deals with this problem of false FIR but the punishment of such offence is only imprisonment up to 6 months or fine up to 3000 rupees which often ended up in minor fine. But now this section is amended with this Criminal Law Amendment 2017 and now the punishments are enhanced for lodging False FIR.

Now there is imprisonment up to seven years in case of offence in which false information is given punishable with death. There is imprisonment of five years where offence in which information given is punishable with imprisonment for life. There is imprisonment one-fourth of the longest term of imprisonment with all other offences. Trial of these offences also given to Sessions Court as amended in the schedule of Cr.P.C.

In this latest criminal law amendment 2017 section 298 regarding uttering words etc with deliberate intent to wound religious feelings are also amended.

Pakistan Penal Code Amendment 2017 PDF Download

Click here to download the PDF copy of Criminal Law Amendment 2017.

Criminal Law Amendment 2017

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