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July 22, 2017

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi Profile & Wallpaper – Pakistani TV Hostess

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi is among the most popular female TV hostesses in Pakistan. The beautiful woman is getting popularity with every passing day due to her comprehensive analytical approach and attractive presentation style. Currently she is working in Capital TV as Storyboard Production & Consultancy Services. It is difficult to handle political hosts from different opponent parties in live show but Mahrukh proved her worth in this regard and her handling and controlling of program is treat to watch. She has vast knowledge regarding different political issues which also helps her during her TV shows. Due to her perfect skills her program is getting popular with every passing day.

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi completed her education from well reputed NUST Business School.  She studied journalism with passion as it was her dream to become a successful TV journalist. In the beginning of her career she worked for News One TV, Light Asia TV and PTV Sports. Later on she joined Capital TV as host and analyst. Joining Capital TV became the defining moment in her young career as she became popular in Pakistan Media as a competitive TV host. Her program, Hum Sab, is among the popular and successful broadcast programs on Capital TV.

There are many rumors about her marital status on social media but it is confirmed that Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi is happily married woman. She is famous for her complete grip on current affairs and most attractive style of presenting them on live TV. Overall Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi is among the most popular female TV personality in Pakistan media. One of the key factors for her popularity is her beautiful face and attractive personality.

Mahrukh Fahad Qureshi Pictures

Here in the photo gallery given below we have designed some latest wallpapers of Mahrukh for her fans. You can download the pictures by clicking on the thumbnail given below.

Huma Amir Shah Profile & Wallpapers – Pakistani Female News Anchor

Huma Amir Shah

Huma Amir Shah is among the most popular female TV hostesses in Pakistan Media industry. Today she is successful TV personality but there is long struggle behind that success. Huma Amir Shah is multi-dimensional talent who worked for many TV channels in her long career. She completed her graduation from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad in 1999. Her subject was Defense & Strategic Studies. She also worked in international Visitor Leadership Program and colleague of TEDx.

She started her career in journalism in 2005 when she signed contract with AAJ TV. Huma remained part of AAJ TV till 2007 and gained lot of valuable experience. In 2009, she joined 24/7 TV Channel as producer and anchor. Her stay at 24/7 was of two years and in 2011 she left the channel. In 2013 she joined PTV World. With more than 10 years of experience under her belt she joined PTV World as expert news-maker, reporter and TV presenter.

In 2015 she joined BOL Network as senior content manager and anchorperson. But due to scandal of BOL Network she left the channel and later on signed contract with GEO News. Currently she is working in GEO News.

Huma Amir Shah is also known in international media circles. She is member of the Project for the Muslim Female Journalists, Deutsch Welle Germany. Huma also attended many international conferences and seminars in different countries of the world including India, Nepal, Germany and USA.

Huma Amir Shah is versatile personality with expertise in different fields of life. She is also a good researcher as she worked in Islamabad Policy Research Institute for brief period.

Overall Huma Amir Shah is one of the most versatile and beautiful media women in the Pakistan

Huma Amir Shah Pictures

Here in this photo gallery we have designed some latest wallpapers of beautiful Huma Amir Shah for her fans. All you need to do is to click on the thumbnail given below to download the picture.

Hifza Chaudhary Profile & Wallpapers – GEO TV News Anchor

Hifza Chaudhary

Hifza Chaudhary is one of the most popular and most beautiful female news casters in Pakistan. He joined GEO News in 2016 and now among the leading female newscasters at GEO TV. Hifza Chaudhary has beautiful face, attractive voice and awesome manners of presentation, which makes her a perfect thing for media industry.

The real name of this beautiful news anchor is Hifza Bashir Chaudhary. Her father name is Bashir but she shortened her name to only Hifza Chaudhary when she entered into media industry. She was born in Lahore and started her journalism career in Lahore but later on she moved to Karachi for better opportunities.

Hifza belongs to a traditional family and she is the first girl of her family who worked in TV. She has other 9 siblings which includes 5 sisters and 4 brothers. She wanted to become a doctor when she was child. She completed her Matriculation in Medical Science and also done intermediate in medical. But later on she changed her mind and decided to join media. Hifza also played professional cricket at school level and remained a good athlete at her school.

Hifza Chaudhary’s favorite political leader is Nawaz Sharif. Her best friend and ideal senior anchor person is Rabia Anum.

Hifza Chaudhary started her journalism career in 2012 from ARY News after she completed her education from University of Management and Technology Lahore. She worked as internee at ARY News from 10 September 2012 to 26 October 2012. After her successful internship at ARY News, she joined CITY 42 TV as News Anchor on 22 April 2013. Her stay at CITY 42 TV was brief as she left the channel after 4 months and joined Din News in August 2013. At Din News she worked as News Anchor for almost a year and then she signed contract with Samaa TV on 24 November 2014.

During her stay at Samaa TV, she came into lime light and also developed her personality and media related skills. After two years she left Samaa TV on 12 February 2016 and joined GEO TV. Now she is working as leading news anchor at GEO TV.

Hifza Chaudhary Wedding

Many people are curious about wedding of Hifza but she is not married and want to concentrate on her career before marriage.

Hifza Chaudhary Wallpapers

There are many people who wants to download Hifza Chaudhary pictures. We have designed some latest wallpapers of this beautiful news anchor. You can download the wallpapers by clicking on gallery given below.

Irza Khan Profile & Wallpapers – Beautiful Pakistani Female News Anchor

Irza Khan

Irza Khan is one of the most popular and talented young female news casters in Pakistan. Currently she is working at ARY News. She is smart and beautiful girl with attractive smile and impressive voice.

Irza Khan came into lime light when one of her video got viral on social media. She was covering Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Pakistan Ehtesab Rally in Lahore. During that coverage she was reporting on a crane, suddenly fainted due to suffocation and hot weather and fell from the crane. She was immediately brought to hospital where she was treated for minor injuries. But the video was shared on social media with tagline “female reporter died due to heart attack during live coverage”. It went viral on social media and later Irza Khan cleared it on her twitter account that she is still alive. Overall that viral video increased her popularity many folds not only on national media but also on social media.

Irza Khan was born in 1994. Irza Khan started her career from City 42 TV Channel. After some time she moved on to join Channel 24 as reporter. Irza joined 92 News as news anchor after she resigned from Channel 24. In 2016, she joined ARY News as news anchor & reporter and today she is among the leading female news casters at ARY News.

Irza is also known for her presence at social media through her twitter and Instagram accounts. She loves to share her pics and video on social media and among one of the popular female media personality on social media.

Irza Khan Official Twitter Account

Click on the link below to see the official twitter account of Irza Khan.

Irza Khan on Twitter

Irza Khan Pictures

Here in the photo gallery we have designed some wallpapers of Irza Khan. You can download these wallpapers from the gallery given below.

Ayesha Jahanzeb Wallpapers & Latest Photo Gallery

Ayesha Jahanzeb Wallpapers

Ayesha Jahanzeb is one of the most beautiful female TV hostesses in Pakistan. The beautiful woman is getting popularity with rapid pace. Currently she is hosting comedy show on Geo Tezz, “Khabarnak”. Although the comedy show is well organized and directed yet the only reason for its increasing popularity is the charming Ayesha Jahanzeb. There are many other comedy shows on almost every other new channel and most of them have same cast as in Khabarnak but only difference is Ayesha Jahanzeb.

With her charming smile, beautiful face, heart-breaking laughing style and deep analysis, Ayesha Jahanzeb is really a treat to watch. Her smiley face can make you smile even if you are not in good mood. Another important thing about Ayesha Jahanzeb is that she is also prolific singer. She has beautiful voice and very talented singer. But she is popular due to her hosting style and beautiful personality.

Previously we have published some wallpaper of this beautiful Pakistani girl and that post got really good response from her fans. Here in this post we have designed some more beautiful wallpapers of Ayesha Jahanzeb.

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Ayesha Jahanzeb Photos

You can download the latest photos of Ayesha from the gallery given below

Subah Saverey Samma Ke Saath Madiha Naqvi Wallpapers

Subah Saverey Samma Ke Saath Madiha Naqvi

Madiha Naqvi is one of the most popular and beautiful morning show hostesses in Pakistan. Her morning show “Subah Saverey Samma Ke Saath” is also among the popular TV shows in Pakistan. Madiha Naqvi started her TV career as newscaster. She worked on many TV channels and also remained part of many other morning shows. Finally she signed contract with Samma TV for morning show.

Subah Saverey Samma Ke Saath is multi-dimensional TV morning show. Beautiful Madiha Naqvi is conducting this show in wonderful manner. She knows how to engage audience and how to increase the ratings of show. Majority of those who watch this morning show regularly is only because of Madiha Naqvi herself, as there are thousands of her fans who only turn on TV to watch their favorite woman on the TV.

In this morning show, Madiha regularly call many experts and celebrities which make this morning show more interesting. With her beautiful face, awesome face expressions, sweet voice and program management, Madiha Naqvi is one of the most popular morning show hostess in Pakistan.

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Subah Saverey Samma Ke Saath Madiha Naqvi Wallpapers

Here in the photo gallery we have designed some latest wallpapers of Madiha Naqvi for year 2017

Ayesha Jahanzeb Wallpaper & Profile of Khabarnaak Host

Ayesha Jahanzeb

Ayesha Jahanzeb is beautiful Pakistani TV hostess. Ayesha is multi-talented woman because she is not only a good TV host but also a very good singer and seasoned journalist. Ayesha Jahanzeb is host of Geo TV comedy show “Khabarnaak”. Ayesha Jahanzeb’s presenting style and her own personality along with work of other famous comedians are the reasons for the success of this comedy show. Most of her fans like her because of her cute face, charming personality and talking style. Her beautiful singing voice is another reason of her popularity among the fans.

Ayesha was born in Kashmiri Family and lives in Lahore, Pakistan. Beautiful Ayesha Jahanzeb is known for her smiley face, attractive laughing style and perfect personality. Overall it can be said easily that Ayesha Jahanzeb is one of the most attractive, beautiful and popular TV personalities in Pakistan.

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Ayesha Jahanzeb Wallpapers

Here in the following photo gallery you can download some latest wallpapers of that beautiful Pakistani woman.

Subha Ki Kahani Morning Show on GEO Kahani by Madiha Naqvi

Subha Ki Kahani Morning Show

Beautiful, ravishing, charming and heart throbbing Pakistani morning show hostess “Madiha Naqvi” is back on TV with her brand new morning show “Subha Ki Kahani” on GEO Kahani. Madiha Naqvi left the GEO TV and moved to “BOL TV” which made “Doodh Pati aur Khabar” on GEO Tezz a total flop as her successor fails to attract the audience. But like many other journalists and TV personalities which left the BOL after EXACT Scandal, she also came back to GEO TV. There are millions of Pakistani and foreign fans of beautiful Madiha Naqvi who are happy to see their favorite hostess back.

The theme of this brand new show “Subha Ki Kahani” is about woman. It will focus on Pakistani woman along with other activities like cooking, drama review, Pakistani movies, Pakistani celebrities and such like things. The best thing about this show is “Madiha Naqvi” herself. Failure of “Doodh Pati aur Khabar”, after she left the show, proved that it was her personal charm which made the show popular.

Madiha Naqvi Smile Pic

In the theme song of this show you can see Madiha getting ready in the morning, travelling in Rikshaw, helping the children, being nice with old man and singing songs with musicians. The OST of Subha Ki Kahani is awesome and especially presence of ever green personality like Madiha Naqvi made her a wonderful feast.

Madiha Naqvi Facebook Pages

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Watch Subha Ki Kahani Morning Show

Coming Soon……

Subha Ki Kahani Madiha Naqvi Wallpapers

Here in the following photo gallery we have designed some latest wallpapers of hot Madiha Naqvi.

Reham Khan Wallpapers & Profile

Reham Khan

Before 2014 there were hardly few people who knew about this beautiful journalist Reham Khan but after the news break out that Pakistan Tehrik Insaf Chief and most popular political leader in Pakistan, Imran Khan, is about marry to her, she became a celebrity overnight. More and more people are searching about Reham Khan and her photos on internet after 2014.

Reham Khan was born on 3 April 1973 in Ajdabiya, Libya. She completed her Master’s degree in Journalism and joined BBC as its weather forecaster. In 2006 she joined Legal TV and next year she worked for Sunshine Radio Hereford and Worcester. After that Reham joined BBC as broadcast journalist. 2013 was a year that brought decisive change in her life when she came to Pakistan and joined News One Channel. After brief period at News One Channel and Aj TV, Reham joined Dawn News.

The divorced lady is mother of 3 children and got lot of media attention after rumors spread about her wedding with Imran Khan. Both Imran Khan and Reham got married in 2015 but that marriage did not worked for them and both got divorced after one year.

Reham Khan Profile

  • Date of Birth: 3 April 1973
  • Place of Birth: Libya
  • Nationality: British , Pakistani
  • Worked with: BBC, Dawn News, Aj TV, News One

Reham Khan Wallpapers

Here in this following photo gallery we have designed some latest wallpapers of Reham Khan.

Sehrish Asif Wallpapers & Profile | Samma TV Female Newscaster

Sehrish Asif

Sehrish Asif is young and beautiful female newscaster of Samma TV. She is highly educated and belongs to a well reputed family. Sehrish Asif started her journalism career with Dunya TV and now a leading newscaster at Samma TV. She has melodious voice, charming personality, beautiful face and lot of knowledge. All these traits makes her a perfect package and among the most demanding media personalities in Pakistan.

In nutshell Sehrish Asif is one of the hottest and most beautiful female newscasters in Pakistan.

Sehrish Asif Wallpapers

Here in the following photo gallery we have designed some latest HD wallpapers of Sehrish Asif.