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July 27, 2017

All Indian National Congress – Indo-Pak History MCQS

All Indian National Congress

Followings are some important points to remember about All Indian National Congress which are often repeated in different exams in shape of MCQS.

  • All Indian National Congress was founded by an Englishmen AO Hume.
  • AO Hume was retired ICS Officer.
  • AO Hume was the first General Secretary of Congress.
  • WC Bannerjee was the first President of Congress.
  • Lord Dufferin was the mind behind the creation of All Indian National Congress.
  • Frist Meeting of Congress was held in Calcuta.
  • Indian National Congress was initially known as All India Union.
  • Badr-ud-Din Taiyabji was the first Muslim President of Congress.
  • Badr-ud-Din Taiyabji was elected President of Congress in 1887.
  • Allan Octavian Hume (AO Hume) was the author of book “My Work in India”.
  • In 1888, President of Congress was George Yule.
  • In 1889, President of Congress was Sir William Wedderburn.
  • Syed Ameer Ali was the first Muslim Judge of Calcuta High Court.
  • Syed Ameer Ali founded the Central National Mohammedan Association at Calcuta in 1877.

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