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July 22, 2017

About Us

First of all this website is not exclusively owned and operated by a single person. This website is owned and operated by group of many professional lawyers and other persons. It is combined effort of group of person which includes lawyers all over the Pakistan, CSS qualified persons and other experts of different subjects. Anyone can contribute to this website with his writings and other helpful material for the students. Aim of this forum is to facilitate the lawyers, knowledge seekers and students of Competitive exams in Pakistan.

There are many websites in Pakistan which provides information about the different laws and case laws but bare reading of specific law section or case law does not give any insight and understanding of law. Our website is designed to provide that insight and understanding of law to reader. Here you can read analysis and commentaries of famous jurists on different laws. This website helps not only students of law but also layman. A very common problem of young lawyers in Pakistan is that there is no help available online for the preparation of judicial examination. In this website you can find lots of material and guidance for the preparation of Judicial Examination. For general public there is free legal assistance on this website so anyone can consult any legal problem here with us. To sum up this website is designed to cover the following areas:

  • Latest News related with law field
  • Expert Analysis on different law relating issues
  • Free legal Assistance for general public
  • Guidance for Judicial examination
  • Commentaries on different laws
  • Essays about important issues of law field
  • Guidelines for the Competitive exams in Pakistan i.e. PMS, CSS & Other Competitive Exams