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May 1, 2017

Rigix Medicine | Anti-Allergic Drugs in Pakistan

 Rigix is an effective anti-allergic medicine available in local market. It comes in two forms i.e. tablets and syrup. Rigix Syrup is suitable for children below age 12 and tablets are often prescribed for the adults. Rigix is suitable in allergic conditions.

Cetirizine Dihydrochloride

Therapeutic Class:    

Each Rigix tablet contains cetirizine dihydrochloride 10 mg
Each ml of Rigix oral solution contains 1 mg of cetirizine dihydrochloride

rigix tablet pics
rigix syrup pic
Cetirizine, an active metabolite of hydroxyzine, is an antihistamine; its principal effects are mediated via selective inhibition of peripheral H1 receptors and are indicated in allergic conditions


  • •    Seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • •    Perennial allergic rhinitis
  • •    Chronic idiopathic urticaria

Adults & children above 12 years: One 10 mg tablet daily

Oral Solution:

  • Children 1-2 years: 0.25 mg/kg body weight b.i.d.
  • 2-6 years: 1 teaspoon once daily or ½ teaspoon b.i.d.
  • 6-12 years: 2 teaspoons once daily or 1 teaspoon b.i.d.
  • Above 12 years: 2 teaspoons once daily


  • 10 mg tabs 30’s
  • Oral sol 60 ml

Click here to read about the side effects of Rigix.


  1. is it a non sedating antihistamine

  2. can i take it before my Final Exams ? when i need lot of Mental Attention

  3. I have old flu problem i feel cold and sneezing when weather get cold.i had sinus operation as well but still they get block.i try to many alergy tablet but still i have a lot of mucus in my noise.please advice me best because i am fed up now .

  4. I’m in Pakistan these days.. My son had cough from 6 days then on 6th day he vomited… Doctor gave him antibiotic and Rigix syrup… If Rigix is for allergy then why for vomit v can give??

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