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June 24, 2017

PP 146 Lahore X Punjab Provincial Assembly Seat Area Map & Info

PP 146 Lahore-X/ PP-146 Pakistan
PP 146 is a constituency for the seat of Punjab’s Provincial Assembly for Lahore District.  Lahore is Capital of Punjab Province and play main role in Provincial politics. Lahore District has largest number of seats in Provincial Assembly of Punjab. There are total 25 seats of Lahore in Provincial Assembly and PP-146 Lahore 10 is tenth of these 25 seats. This constituency includes urban population of Lahore City.

PP 146 Lahore 10

PP 146 Lahore X Map

PP 146 Lahore-X Important Localities & Areas

  • Lahore City Urban Population

PP 146 Lahore-X Census Charges
Following Census Charges of Lahore Municipal Corporation;

  • Census Charge No.25
  • Census Charge No.26
  • Census Charge No.27
  • Census Charge No.32 of City District Lahore

PP 146 Lahore-X Population Statistics

  • Male Voters –        69171
  • Female Voters-    59861
  • Total-            129032

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